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April 24, 2013:
A host of solar luminaries delivered insightful presentations on the latest in solar energy at the Solar Institute's 5th Annual Symposium. All the video and slides from the event will be made available soon.

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Real Clear Politics Energy Summit

Noted political news and opinion website RealClearPolitics recently hosted a luncheon panel in which Solar Institute Director, Amit Ronen, discussed the nexus between renewable energy and government policies. The event, titled "Energy Summit: Fueling America's Future," featured a panel with representatives from solar and other energy industry associations. In his talk, "The Growth Potential of US Renewable Energy," Ronen offered an insightful look on the status and future of renewables in the United States thanks to his many years of experience developing energy policy in the Senate. Ronen highlighted the historic role of government in the development of all important energy technologies as discussed in the Solar Institute report "Energy Incentives: The Power Behind the Power," released last fall.

Watch the presentation...

New Institute Director Named

Ronen Photo

Amit Ronen, Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington), has been named the new Director of GW's Solar Institute. Ken Zweibel, solar photovoltaics expert and the Institute's Director for the past five years, announced his retirement earlier this year.

Mr. Ronen has been a widely recognized leader in Federal clean energy policy for over a decade. Mr. Ronen will take over as Director in early May.
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Symposium 2013

Symposium Photo

On April 23rd, the GW Solar Institute held its Fifth Annual Solar Symposium, "Solar Energy: Going Global."

This year's Symposium, marked the fifth consecutive year that the Solar Institute convened this day-long event featuring the solar industry's most important business and policy decisionmakers. The event covered the opening of new markets worldwide for both photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies, discussing both the policy and finance implications of these new frontiers. Photos and video from the event will be availble soon.

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Photo credit: Doug Canter

[Image: Annual Report Cover]

Annual Report 2012

The Solar Institute's 2012 Annual Report underscores the Institute's ongoing role in providing advice to decisionmakers in Washington, as well as recent accomplishments in research and outreach. Among the important policy and technical research efforts highlighted in the Annual Report are a report on the tradition of incentives in the US energy field - "Energy Incentives: The Power Behind the Power" - and new research into the characteristics and amelioration of variability in photovoltaics. Read the Annual Report to learn more about the Institute's activities over the last year.
Read the report...

[Image: Report Icon]

Sunny Dispositions: ITC Recapture

Joel Meister, GW BA '07 and a third-year student in the GW Law School (currently working at the Solar Energy Industries Association), provided research on the subject of modernizing certain tax rules that affect the solar energy industry. In his paper, "Sunny Dispositions: Modernizing Investment Tax Credit Recapture Rules for Solar Energy Project Finance After The Stimulus", Meister examines how solar project developers will grapple with the transition from the expired Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program to the Investment Tax Credit that requires "recapture" of tax benefits if a company sells or transfers its solar system within five years of installation. Meister traces the genesis of the recapture rules and explores the negative implications of the recapture rules for the solar industry.

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[Image: Journal Cover]

DoD and Solar

Environmental Practice, the quarterly journal published by the National Association of Environmental Professionals will feature Solar Institute supported research from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in their Fall 2011 edition. Research from the report, Determination of Solar Energy Transition Potential of Department of Defense Facilities and Nontactical Vehicles: An Application of Multicriteria Decision Theory Modeling and Simulation Approaches, by Ariel Castillo and Professor Jonathan Deason, helped inform early development of the Department of Defense Energy Security Act.

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